Monday, June 28, 2010

Birthstone Jewelry


Birthstones as defined are precious or semi-precious stone traditionally associated with a particular month or sign of the zodiac believed to attract a good fortune, bring prosperity and take away evil.

I have read that* wearing birthstones first gained popularity in Poland in the fifteenth century. Other suggested everyone wear the birthstone for each month. Wearing them is seen as signs of power, wealth and luxury. To get the most out of it, individuals needed to own an entire set of twelve gemstones and rotate them monthly.

Different cultures and tradition have different beliefs and understanding in regards to wearing their own birthstone. Mostly they do not even like the color of their own true birthstone. You can wear them in different forms of jewelry such as ring, pendant or earring.

There are modern and traditional birthstones. Here are the lists of modern and traditional according to birth month.

Month Modern Traditional

January Garnet Rose Quart

February Amethyst Onyx

March Aquamarine Bloodstone

April Diamond Rock Crystal (Quartz)

May Emerald Chrysoprase

June Pearl Alexandrite

July Ruby Carnelion

August Peridot Sardonyx

September Sapphire Lapiz

October Opal Tourmaline

November Topaz Citrine
December Tanzanite Turquoise

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