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Mother’s day is fast approaching. Everyone in this world has a mother. It is celebrated every year that recognizes mothers almost in every nation. It is celebrated on the second Sunday in May.

As researched, historically mothers have had a key role in building and maintaining connections across generations. The earliest Mother’s day celebration can be traced back in Greece in honor of Rhea, the mother of the gods. They would make offering of cakes, fine drinks and flowers at dawn.

On this day we honor our mother and we do celebrate with her. This day is intended that we make her happy. Give her back all the love that she has showered on us.
Let her know that they are appreciated. Enjoy and relax, Shop and dine. Rewind memories together. It is a day where we remember someone who gave us life. Since we were born mom is there. She nurtures us with love. She takes care of us. She gives us a good education and teaches us life’s lesson. In times of trouble or distress, mothers will always be there.

It is every woman’s dream is to have a child of her own and motherhood is no joke. It takes a lot of responsibilities.

So on this special day for Mother, we came prepared. We have several varieties of fine jewelries that all mothers hoped and wished for. Ooops do not forget about Grandma too.

Happy Mothers day Mom.
My Life Is Beautiful!

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Diamond Jewelery said...

Read the post after the Mothers Day. But i completely agree with the author of this post. I gifted my mom a diamond studded necklace on the Mothers Day. She simply loved the necklace.

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