Friday, June 3, 2011

Birthflower of the month of June: Roses

The name Rose comes from the French, itself from Latin Rosa and was borrowed from Oscan(from Greek). Roses are passionate and beauty, they are best known as ornamental plants grown in the garden or backyard. they are also used for perfumery and cut flower crops, they are also edible.

The scientific name of a flower species is formed by the combination of two terms: the genus name and the species descriptor.

Color Meanings:

  • Red: Love
  • Pink: Grace, lesser feeling of love
  • Dark Pink: Gratitude
  • Light Pink: Admiration, Sympathy
  • White: Innocence, Purity, Secrecy, Friendship, Reverence and Humility
  • Yellow: Dying Love or Platonic. German-speaking countries means jealousy and infidelity
  • Yellow with Red tips: Friendship, Falling in love
  • Orange: Passion
  • Burgundy: Beauty
  • Blue: Mystery
  • Green: Calm
  • Black: slavish devotion ( as a true black rose is impossible to produce)
  • Purple: Protection (Paternal/Maternal Love)

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Debbie P.
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Sources: wikipedia

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