Thursday, March 24, 2011

Broken Engagement "RING" Etiquette

Broken Engagements are always hard to deal, The people that are involved especially the couple are devastated and dealing with their families is just as hard.

Unfortunately, some relationships have to end, Whatever reason for the break-up, both should know that it is important to do the right thing, even though sometimes you don't know what the right thing is...

Law in your State:

Engagement rings fall under property, contract or family law, and how they are treated varies by state.

In California, it depends on who broke the engagement. For example, if the person who received the ring is the one who is reneging on the engagement, then that person must relinquish the jewelry. In New York, North Carolina, Minnesota, Tennessee and other states, appellate courts say engagement rings are conditional gifts that must be returned to the gift giver if the condition -- namely, the marriage -- does not take place, regardless of who broke off the engagement. Kansas and Montana say a gift, once given, cannot be taken back.

Return a Heirloom Ring

In some situations, the engagement ring is an heirloom in the man's family. If your ring belonged to your ex-fiancé's mother or grandmother, returning the ring is probably a necessity for both legal compliance and proper etiquette. Whether or not the man accepts, you should always offer to return an heirloom engagement ring.

The young lady always, of course, returns the engagement ring if it has been her decision to call off the wedding. However, in most cases, the lady keeps the ring if the broken engagement was not initiated by her.

If her fiance has called off the wedding, then, as a general rule, she is entitled to retain the ring. This decision is entirely hers and hers alone.

~f you wish for your ring to be returned, kindly make your request up to a few times, otherwise, you may resort to consult a lawyer to add pressure.

Tips for Returning a Ring

Weddings and engagements are full of etiquette rules, but it can be difficult to figure out exactly how to return a ring after a broken engagement. These tips may help:

  • Act as quickly as you can. Offer to return the ring as soon as the wedding cancellation is official. That way, no one is left wondering about loose ends.
  • If possible, return the ring in its original box, and include any documentation you have. You may have a statement about your ring's value, and this should go with the ring.
  • If you have concerns about future legal issues, consider documenting the return of the ring or bringing an impartial witness along for the interaction. Try to do this as unobtrusively as possible, but as with all things related to returning a ring, legal considerations should come first.
  • Be polite and businesslike in the return of the ring. Don't exchange insults or get drawn into a conflict, especially if other people are present.
  • If your ex-fiancĂ© insists you keep the ring, thank him politely.
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