Wednesday, February 9, 2011


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Who Can Say NO if someone is giving you a bouquet of Roses? What more if it's a dozen of Giant Roses as tall as you?

According to their website, On an Ecuadorian farm nestled between two volcanoes at more than 9,600 feet, these stunning red roses grow naturally tall in their native soil. Days of prolonged sunlight and cool nights allow the over sized beauties to flourish beyond expectation. The ultimate in elegance and beauty, each stem boasts a large head which opens to an astonishing 3-4 inches in diameter, creating a sea of lush red rose petals that stay fresher longer.

The leaves are large, the buds have as many as 60 petals or more, and the stems are as thick as your finger and thorny. As with most roses bred for cutting, the fragrance is stinting, however.
One variety, Forever Young, is a deep crimson. The other, Red Intuition, is a lighter red with blood-red streaks. Buyers don't get to select the variety, and Prolman, who expects to sell out of his allocation of 500 bunches by Feb. 14, says he is releasing a quota each day to avoid an immediate sellout. Herald-Tribune

If you want to make an impression or be remembered on Valentines Day Why not give her

The 6 foot tall Roses? though the price is pretty stiff expect to pay around $85.95 - $349.95 Shipping: $10.00 - $ 79.95.

Whoever gets the Roses will surely be happy and will be envied by lots of girls... Be the one to make her Valentines Day very special ! it will cost you $$$ but you will be remembered and will give her a priceless smile!

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