Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10 Valentine Myths Revealed

Myth No. 1: It's OK to skip Valentine's Day

Why this is false: She might realize that it's a hyped-up holiday, but that won't get you off the hook completely. She'll see her friends going on dates and wonder why you aren't stepping up to the plate.

Myth No. 2: You have to celebrate on February 14th

Why this is false: No one says you have to celebrate on the same day as everyone else -- that's so conventional.

Myth No. 3: You're saving money for a vacation together, so it's OK to skip Valentine's Day

Why this is false: Even though she agreed to save money too, this is a perfect opportunity to win brownie points with her.

Myth No. 4: You've only been dating for a few months, so you won't celebrate

Why this is false: While you might not want to do anything overly romantic with a new girlfriend, that doesn't mean you have to ignore it. If you don't acknowledge Valentine's Day at all, she might wonder if you are really interested in her.

Myth No. 5: Dinner is a Valentine's Day staple

Why this is false: Dinner is an adequate Valentine's Day plan, and I suppose you can't go wrong with it. However, truth be told, it's a little unoriginal.

Myth No. 6: Chocolates or flowers are good Valentine's Day gifts

Why this is false: Just like going out for dinner, chocolate and flowers are not the wrong thing to do -- they're just overly conventional.

Myth No. 7: You need to spend loads of money on her gift

Why this is false: It's the thought that really counts the most when it comes to Valentine's Day.

Myth No. 8: Don't expect a gift in return

Why this is false: While Valentine's Day is usually marketed as "her" holiday, there's no rule stating she can't surprise you with a little something. So, chances are very good that you'll get your box of candy.

Myth No. 9: The gift has to be cheesy or romantic

Why this is false: Just the opposite, actually. There is no rule that says you have to write her poems or sing her a song on Valentine's Day.

Myth No. 10: Lingerie makes a good Valentine's Day gift

Why this is false: Actually, this myth is not entirely false. Lingerie can be a nice part of a gift for a self-assured woman, bearing in mind that you need to know her size and style preferences. But usually, she'll like that to be part of a sexy gift -- not all of it.

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Whether you celebrate Valentines Day or not, what really matters is how genuine and true you are to someone, Whatever you give it will surely be much appreciated.

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kay | business cards said...

I should let my special someone read this about Valentine's Day and to let him know that its important too. I actually agree to every explanation for the Valentine Myths especially myth number 7 because for me Valentine's is a special day to share love not only for lovers but among family members as well just like Christmas.

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