Friday, September 18, 2009

Jewelry Trends Fall 2009

Jewelry Trends – Fall 2009

Jewelry Trends has always been a part of the fashion trend. Wear something simple, accessorize it and you’re good. So what’s in it for Fall 2009. Here are a few that I have collected and I’m telling you, they are big, bold and beautiful.

Multi Chain / Strand Necklace
Designers are featuring several collections of multi-chain necklaces in gleaming gold, brushed gold and chrome silver. Fall 2009 jewelry collections will include oversized multi-chain necklaces embellished with medallions, metal balls and oversized gemstones.

Statement Necklaces
From giant metal flowers to big rocks and stones, Fall 2009 jewelry trends lean towards necklaces that make a big statement. They’re the type of pieces that will transform a simple casual outfit into something glamorous, and are best worn with neutral colors and minimal makeup for the Fall 2009 season.

Metal Discs and Leaf Designs
Mesh chains embellished with metal discs, oversized metal flowers, bronze leaf cutouts and even feather motifs are adding some drama and a touch of luxury to the Fall 2009 jewelry lineup.
Chandelier Earrings
Chandelier earrings are perfect fall/winter accessories because they are typically embellished with gorgeous gemstones that elegantly cascade down the ears and frame a woman’s face beautifully. This season look for earrings with intense color palettes such as infusions of fuchsia with garnet or deep olive greens with topaz. A burst of fierce color and glistening gemstones creates a striking contrast that gives any ensemble a touch of alluring glamour.

Cocktail Rings
Cocktail rings are items that will never really go out of style. There is always a party or event where you will be holding a champagne glass and you will definitely need a ring that makes a statement. This upcoming season you should look for oversized gemstones, eclectic patterns and gloss to accentuate your signature look.

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