Friday, August 14, 2009

Tiny Diamond Collection

I read this article of ISG (International School of Gemology) and their collection of Tiny Diamonds or Rough Uncut Diamond Crystals. Very interesting indeed. A lot of people would collect coins, bills, stamps but their collection is one of a kind and I think that only an institution like it can come up with such a collection. One thing that interests me the most is that we all know that Diamonds are lovely (finish product) but I never thought that Diamond in their uncut and unfinished appearance are beautiful as well. ISG has provided some photos of their collection, of course using a one of kind camera showing the beauty of these crystals.

Their collection consists of the string of diamond beads imported from India which I think if worn like that could already be an elegant, fashionable piece.

Then there is what they call the #81, it’s a 0.26 carat diamond crystal which was among the first produced that was both gem quality in clarity and color and is considered to be the great granddaddy of the synthetic diamonds that you see in the market today.

And then comes my favorite which is the Tiny Fancy Colors collection. There are the Yellow Diamonds, the oh so nice Purple ones, champagne, green, brownish pink and even orange diamonds.

Lastly, are the ones with the different shapes. And my favorite among all the shapes is this cube shape which is so clear it looks like ice cube.

This is not all, as they have mentioned that what they are showing is only 10% of their collection. Just imagine, how much more they have.

I had so much fun reading this article, something new for me. It’s just great to see the other side of these what they so call “Girls Best Friend”

Source: International School of Gemology


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