Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Will Blue Topaz Be ‘X-rated’ for X-mas?

Jewelry Days.com Management – Consumer Oriented

The issue: Much rigorous procedure before Blue Topaz is released for the market consumption.

There had been some reports on regulation and heightened controlling of the popular Blue Topaz gems in the market for its allegedly harmful effects if not properly disposed of. The new procedure requires a rigorous and longer preparation and screening before the gem is allowed to be available for everyone’s consumption.

Effects on Jewelers: slower marketing; scarce production; rigorous procedural testing; higher cost for testing; tighter regulation

Basically, an expected harm would require commissions to take double cautions and undertake actions that would ensure the welfare of the consumers as well that of the environment.

A more rigorous procedure would cost jewelers longer time range before the product is APPROVED for market consumption. This would imply lesser product of the kind, slower processing and costly for the availability such a gem.

Jewelry Days.com says:

Jewelry Days.com management assures that each of the jewelry available and in stock and other produce are of its best form and had undergone rigorous testing of products for the benefit of the consumers.

Consumer Protection: Social Responsibility; Respecting and Safeguarding Customers and to gain Trust; Adherence to Technical Procedure of Screening

It adheres to international standard of testing and other procedural testing required to be taken to ensure its value and safety.

Jewelry Days.com aims to treat everyone with respect and we strive to protect people as well as the environment. The company is very well indeed aware of its social responsibility.

Rest assured that products from Jewelry Days.com are environment-friendly and had undergone the correct and necessary screening and testing procedures both local and international commissions for quality control had set upon.

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