Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Online Jewelry Shopping Out-Competing Neighborhood Stores

According to the Jewelers’ Board of Trade, the number of small, independent jewelry stores has declined 16% over the last ten years.

The cause is more than competing with each other – it’s the keen competition offered by online jewelry sites.

Consumers are learning that they can purchase quality merchandise for less money with just the click of a mouse.

Here are the major reasons for this significant trend:
  • Younger buyers want convenience. Jewelry websites let you browse and buy on your coffee break or in your pajamas.
  • They also want affordability over tradition. With lower overhead, jewelry websites like Jewelry can pass along significant savings.
  • Today’s consumers are comfortable buying online. They know that buying online is as safe, if not safer, than traditional shopping. Satisfaction guarantees are now commonplace online.
  • Traditional stores can’t turn over their inventory fast enough to offer the widest selections…online stores don’t have to. They can access jewelry warehouses worldwide…virtually. So online shoppers get more options.

The future of jewelry buying is, undoubtedly, over the world wide web.
-- My Life Is Beautiful

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