Monday, January 10, 2011

Jewelry Trends of 2011

According to Jewelry Information Center website there are many things that influence fine jewelry and watch trends. they have their eye tracking and predicting the trends. In their new jewelry trends section, they look at vast array of factors including: Celebrities and Pop Culture, Socio-Economics, Eco-Green Movement, Architecture, Art and Exhibitions, Book releases and most importantly Fashion.

Here are the trends for this year!


According to writer JJ Kent, rings have been used throughout the history"... In religious and secular investiture, bretrothments and weddings, for posies and mottoes (such as "in thee, my choice, I do rejoice'), as memorials of the dead, and no article of decoration has been so extensively and prodigally used in most ages and countries. Click to see more


According to Wikipedia a medallion is generally circular object that has been sculpted, molded, cast, struck, stamped or some way rendered with an insignia, portrait or other artistic rendering. This season, medallion pendants have been storming the fashion world. click to see more

Lace-Like Jewelry

Lace is an openwork fabric, patterned with open holes in the work, made by machine or by hand. Today, lace is incorporated into clothing but is also now influencing jewelry trends. Lace-like patterns lend themselves to jewelry making today because of the cost of some precious metals. Click for more

Blackened Precious Metals

Black is back . . . not that it ever went out of fashion. Today oxidized metals, especially sterling silver, are taking the jewelry industry by storm. Designers love the finish for its tough, not so prissy, appeal. Blackened precious metals create fresh unpretentious-looking jewelry for both men and women. Styles, finishes and metal combinations are abundant. Click for more

Rose-Cut Diamonds

Rose-cut diamonds, which date back to the 1500s, are making resurgence in fine jewelry! The shape resembles the petals of a rose bud, flat on the bottom and domed on top. Click for more

By: Debbie P.

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Sources: Jewelry Information Center website

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