Friday, January 28, 2011

10 Most Popular Flowers & The meaning behind them

Valentines Day is just around the corner, whether we celebrate it or not, Flowers makes everyone smile unless you are somehow allergic to it.

The 10 Most Common Flowers and their Meanings:

1.) Gardenia

~If you have a secret admiration or love to someone, Give him/her Gardenia it means You're Lovely, I love you in Secret, Ecstasy or even joy.

2.) Daisy

~ Daisy means Loyal Love, Innocence, Gentle & Purity

3.) Lilac

~ They are know to symbolize new found love, so it is popular on Weddings, it can also be given to Mother and child.

Lilac (Mauve) ~ "Do You Still Love Me"
Lilac (pink) ~ "Youth and Acceptance"
Lilac (White) ~ "My First Dream of Love"

4.) Roses

~ The most common flower to Symbolize Romance, It is also edible the flavor if a rose is similar to green apples and strawberries, and the darker the color is, the stronger the flavor is.

Rose - Leaf ~ You may Hope

Rose - Thornless ~ Love at First Sight

Rose - Dark Pink ~ Thank You, Appreciation

Rose - Light Pink ~ Admiration, Please Believe Me
Perfect Happiness

Rose - Red ~ I Love You, Beauty & Passion.

Rose - Tea ~ I'll Remember Always, Enthusiasm & Desire

Rose - White ~ Innocence, Purity, You're Heavenly,
Sincerity, Youthful, Charm, Secrecy

Rose - Yellow ~ Joy, happiness, A new beginning,
remember me, friendship, Jealousy, Welcome Back

Rose - Peach ~ Let's get together, Closing the deal

Rose - Lavender ~ Love at First Sight

5.) Tulip

~ Signifies Fame, Charity & perfect lover

Tulip - Red ~ Declaration of Love, Trust Me

Tulip - Yellow ~ Love without Hope

Tulip - Variegated ~ You got beautiful eyes

6. ) Lily of the Valley

~ Symbolizes Sweetness, Tears of the Virgin Mary, Return to Happiness, Humility, Beauty & Gaiety

7.) Orchid

~ Love, Beauty, Refinement, Beautiful Lady, Chinese Symbol for Many Children, Charm

8.) Stephanotis

this sweet-smelling flower is the favorite flowers for a wedding, as it means marital bliss, as also a desire to travel (go on a honeymoon).

9.) Hydrangea

~ A hydrangea has two, very distinct sides. It can express thanks for understanding, but it can also mean heartlessness.

~ Frigidity, Heartlessness, Vanity, Thank You for Understanding

10.) Sunflower

~ Many people love to snack on sunflower seeds. Interested more in meaning than eating? Sunflowers symbolize loyalty and best wishes.

~ Pride, Sunshine, Devotion

Flowers are just Flowers when you give it with no desire to make someone happy, then the flowers does not mean anything at all. So give it with pure heart and desire to make someone special.

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Debbie P.

My Life is Beautiful

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Anonymous said...

What about Lilys or Honeysuckel, what do they mean?

debbie said...

Lily: Majesty, wealth, pride, innocence, purity.

HONEYSUCKLE: Bonds of love, generous, devoted affection.

I hope that answers your question. =)

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