Friday, May 15, 2009

Blue Diamond Auctioned for Record $9.49 Million

A flawless vivid blue diamond weighing 7.03 carats sold for a record 10.5 million Swiss francs ($9.49 million), the highest price paid per carat for any gemstone at auction, Sotheby's said. The rectangular-shaped blue stone, the rarest to enter the international market this year, went to an anonymous buyer bidding by telephone after hectic bidding see-sawed between two callers for 15 minutes.

According to Petra’s CEO Johan Dippenaar, the price reflects how incredibly rare and collectable such a diamond is to the connoisseur. “The renowned Cullinan mine continues to captivate the world with spectacular diamonds, building on its legacy as the source of some of the world’s most famous gems.”

It was the centerpiece of its semi-annual sale in Geneva, conducted by David Bennett, chairman of Sotheby's jewelry department in Europe and the Middle East, who said the results showed the market's resilience despite the economic downturn.
"This is already a new world record price for a fancy vivid blue diamond and a new world record per carat for any gemstone (at auction)," Bennett told reporters.
The final price includes a commission paid by the buyer to the auction house. The stone sets a record price per carat for any gemstone sold at auction of $1,349,752, Sotheby's said.

The new owner will have the right to name the stone, which is mounted in a platinum ring.

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Keiran said...

Amazing Blue Diamond, i wish i could have this in my collection as well.

chocolate diamond rings said...

Thats beautiful... I love colored diamonds. Did you know pink diamonds come from Australia and are very rare? I read about that just a little bit ago.

Diamonds Los Angeles said...

Blue diamonds are the one of the most specious diamond in all over the world, and I love to have it.

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