Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pageant Gone Cheap!

Miss USA Pageant Participants Shortchanged

The 2009 Miss USA Pageant debuted Tiara's and jewelries made of synthetic diamonds portrayed as conflict free. It is very unfortunate that participants who spend so many years preparing for such a platform are given cheap substitutes for the real diamonds in the name of going green & Conflict Free.

If the pageant owners (one of them is Mr. Donald Trump) are so concerned about 'CONFLICT FREE' then they should have considered sourcing diamonds from counrties like Australia, Canada or a dozen other countries or sources which are confirmed 100% Conflict Free.


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Unknown said...

Very well said!
The economic downturn has even affected shows like the pageant, and substituting in the name of going green is just a coverup for going cheap!
I hope the organisers realise and make neccesary changes, as this directly effects their image and the shows outlook!

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