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Jewelry Days Song

So here i was trying to search on write ups about the company i work for which i worked for 'JewelryDays' and got caught up with a song titled 'Jewelry Days'. I jus wanna share it to everybody as it also amazed me. Here is the lyrics in Japanese and i will give you guys the English version also of the song.
Jewelry Day (By: Ayaka)
Broken, broken my heart
kyou mo mata mezame yume da to kidzuku asa
koishisou ni
mitsumeru egao ga ima mo kienai
Oh Jewelry day

kimi to ita ano uta ga mada kikenai

Oh kokoro shizuka ni te wo tsunagi
shizumi yuku yuuhi wo mitsumereba
kotoba nante hitotsu mo iranakatta
shiawase no imi shitta no…

tooi machi made dekaketa Birthday
tokubetsu na deeto de
nigiri shimeta te no naka ni hikaruosoroi no pearingu
Oh Jewelry day

owaranai monogatari uso no youni…

Oh itsuka wa owaru tabi no naka
aisuru yorokobi wo kureta anata ni“
arigatou” sakebu yo
kikoeteru nara
koe wo todokete onegai

Oh ano hi mita yuuhi tsutsumi komu
ookina orenji ga
ima mo mune wo atatakaku suru kara
tachi tomatte wa
yume wo miru no yo kotoshi mo…
And here is the English Version....
Broken, my heart is broken,
As the morning rouses the realisation of yet another dream.
Gazing into that smiling face that won’t disappear,
I feel like I am about to fall in love
On this shimmering day.*

Remember our song? I still haven’t the courage to listen to it.**

Quiescently, we joined hands,
Our eyes set on the sinking sun.
There was no need for words.
It was then that I knew the meaning of happiness...

It was on that special date,
The birthday when we set out towards a distant town,
That the light illuminating from our met hands
Blessed our perfect union***
On that shimmering day.

Our never-ending story remained but a fairy tale...****
In the midst of a journey that will eventually come to an end,
I call out to thank you,
For you have shown me the joy of simply loving.
I pray that my voice reaches you
And that you may hear these words.

On that day when we were enveloped by the sunken sun;
That bright extravagant orange
Still warms my very heart
And holds me motionless*****
In this dream that returns to me, even today.******
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