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Welcome the OX - 2009

Let’s get to the year 2009, whereby the predestined activities or happenings lying through the year for what we are supposed to encounter during the tenure reign of the Ox. Year 2009, the coming year will see a dry and hot year. Fire is the center ruler of all stars which means the power of the Fire Element is governing the whole year by the zodiac sign –The Ox.-in Chinese year 2009 is Ji Cho’u. Here is a short description of the Ji Ch’ou year. The Ox is the 2nd of the twelve animal’s signs; which corresponds to the Earthly Branch Ch’ou. Fire is the ruling star in 2009 and the combination of the Earth element from the Ox is the right productive. Meaning the Fire star energy will powered to a strong productive Earthly Ox.The ox year will see a slow moving pace in the beginning of the year for all areas and every task given or implemented will only bear results in autumn and every sector will pick up and shall improve there after. The spilled over from the Rat year, worst economy crisis, takes time to heal the wound of the financial market. Which means the Ox is taking the duty over and he must pull the diffeculties out of the sunken hole bored by the rat, during it's reigned era. The hard working and straight forward character of the slow movement animal shall lead us to a better third quarter year period after the hard time at the beginning.

Remember the Ox is Earth, the element that produce by Earth is Metal. As you see the production will only yield metal around this season as autumn belongs to metal element.This is whereby the good will return and be sensed at this time of the year.


Fire element business, like cosmetics, electrical, computers, restaurants, airlines and the share markets too will have a good return. But there is strong competition from the business rival. Employ a good planner to tackle the problem and try to stay ahead of your rivals. In the stock market, no speculations, some healthy movements from end of July onwards till the end of the year 2009. Predicted the best period should be around August and September. Invest with cautious and within your means. Earth industries; Agriculture, constructions and properties will see a better prospect in these sectors after the ill-year 2008. When year 2009 with the controlling fire element comes into the center grip, it rejuvenates and also enhances the period #8 earth and produce good energy chi for better growth in those related fields. That’s where those dealing in Fire and Earth business will see progresses.

Gold related business is banking, finance, motor industries, metal products, hardware shops, are just moderate, much more effort are needed for these sectors owners if they want to pull through or run smoothly.

During the first six months, it might face certain hiccups in these industries but with the influence of the Earth energy int the period #8, and also the fire power of the ruling element, evrytyhing will be fine with some profits to gain around autumn.

Water element business is in conflict to this year ruling element-Fire, as a matter of fact, those doing in servicing industries like Insurance, Hotels, Shipping, Tourism or similar trade are in unfavorable position. Beware of finance problems. To avoid huge losses, hold on to what you can manage this year. Big spending, investing or expanding in your business will be a loss. Greedy or too much investment in this area will not only see a loss physically (money) but also mentality (health). Advises are needed and wise investment is recommended.

Wood is the supporting element for this fire year, just like the water, control you business, don’t be over confident in doing or finding new partners, if not, you are likely to be cheated or you business will be robbed off your by your rivals in this trade. Minor conflict and small loss is inevitable. The capability and reliability of employees must be looked into it for improvement of business and also to prevent losses and theft. Such business is Medicine field, Textiles, woodwork Industries- Furniture.

No matter what they say about what this year will bring out, one thing we have to put in mind is that whatever starts well, ends well. Let's all give this a good start and make it good all through out.

Big bang for 2009!!!


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