Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hottest wedding date is 08/08/08

This year's hottest date for getting hitched is 08/08/08

The number eight, signifying prosperity and luck, will be just one of the traditional Chinese elements in Jay Wong and Tina Xu's ceremony.

The Olympics' opening ceremony isn't the only significant event next Friday. Thousands of couples will be tying the knot on 08/08/08, making it the most popular wedding date of the year.

Eights will be a motif at Carrie Littman and Dan Vissers' August 8 wedding
"I have it monogrammed on my invitations and on the aisle runner with our names, also on little favor tags with the words 'Our love is infinite,' " she explains.
"We actually submitted our entry at 8 p.m.," laughs Vikki of their winning photo and essay, which made liberal use of, you've guessed it, the number eight.
"The cake is going to be shaped like a number eight, and there are eight people in the wedding party. The wedding starts at 2.08 p.m.," she explains.

Getting married on a memorable date has become a hot trend as more couples look for ways to give their ceremonies a special touch.
There's another reason 8/8/08 is one hot number for brides, notes Krecke: "It's a pretty easy anniversary date for your fiancé to remember!"
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