Thursday, June 5, 2008

$5 Mln Lawsuit, Alleging False Advertising, Filed Against Jewelry Television

(June 4, '08, 11:41 IDEX Online Staff Reporter)

Jewelry Television (JTV) has been accused in a $5 million lawsuit filed by a California woman of false advertising. Marliese Weed has alleged that JTV sold gemstones described as rare and expensive red or green andesine labradorites, when they were actually colorless or yellow common feldspar that had been chemically treated.

The lawsuit, according to AP, is seeking class-action status, on the estimation that the gemstones in question have been purchased by thousands of people.

Jewelry Television responded in a statement, saying that it had found out that one of its sources for the gemstone had treated it. The company stated that it shared the revelation with its customers and that it acted responsibly.

Source : IDEX
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