Friday, January 18, 2008

Worlds Biggest Heart

See this worlds biggest heart or buy it for someone you love!

Jeff Koons’s haute-pink heart is inviting its lovers. Only prerequisite is the highest bidder and not the bulky bag of emotions. This 9-foot-tall stainless- steel heart would be available for auction at Sotheby’s under its contemporary art sale scheduled for 14 November in New York. It is anticipated that it will fetch more than $20 million, ending up as a record-breaking auction in the history of Sotheby’s overshadowing the $19.3 million sale of “Lullaby Spring,” (2002 pill-cabinet sculpture) by Damien Hirst’s in June.
The heart has reached Sotheby’s New York avenue on 27 September and to my much aghast it deployed 15 workers for continuously 14 hours to uncover its ceiling. Seemingly light, it weighs 3,500 pounds (1,600 kilograms) competing the compactness of Mercedes.

The very intention of the artist behind this token of love was to express love for his son. This artistic creation tracks back to 1994-2006 and following the custom the seller would like to be named as anonymous. Sotheby’s has assured a stipulated amount to the seller regardless of the outcome generated via auction.
Available in for-shiny colors, the blood-red heart is displayed by Christie’s International at his Venetian museum. Another Koons creation available with Christie’s is “Blue Diamond,” expected to generate $12 mn at its auction on 13 November.
Wow! who wouldn't want such a big heart. But before you would even think of buying it, make sure that you'll have space for that. The greatest thing about this masterpiece is that the inspiration of the artist is his son. We do all know that nothing can compare to the love of a parent to thier children. That piece should say it all.
Happy Hearts Day!
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