Monday, October 8, 2007

Attention: Lingerie Made of Gold!

The Shenyang Cuihua Gold store made the headlines in creating a lingerie made out of pure solid gold, the first of its kind in China. It took four months and four goldsmiths to make this project possible. This glamorous and distinctive lingerie weighs 950 grams. And I'm sorry to let you girls.. and guys know that this piece is definitely not for sale. The store owner made it clear that it is only for demonstration. If they were for sale though, the lingerie would amount to about $26,500.


Ladies! Do you fancy owning this fantastic piece of art and wearing it? Or to the guys, imagine giving it as a gift to your girl and seeing her wear it. Anybody interested in talking the owner into selling the golden lingerie? Let us know if ever you succeed in changing his mind.

--My Life Is Beautiful

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