Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Colossal "BLUE DIAMOND" ... Going Once.. Going Twice..

A whopping sculpture of a "Blue Diamond" which is actually made of polished steel and chromium will be auctioned at Christie's in New York on 13th of November. Made by American artist Jeff Koons, known for his elegant high-grade steel and baroque designed porcelain figures, this sculpture is part of a series he called Celebration which consists of paintings and sculptures depicting toys and childhood themes - which began in 1994.

The "Blue Diamond" stands nearly eight feet tall and more than seven feet wide. It is said to represent an egg, which is being fertilized by the four gold-colored prongs that hold it in place. In the above mentioned series Celebration, there are four other versions of sculptured diamonds in red, pink, and green that are already privately owned, while a yellow version is said to be in production at the moment.

"Blue Diamond" is rumored to raise around $12 million in the auction. If in fact the "diamond" reaches this estimate, this will be Koons highest paid piece of art. The said amount is more than twice his auction record set in 2001 when his “Michael Jackson and Bubbles” sold for $5.6 million. Some say there have since been several private sales of Koons sculptures which amount to as much as $20 million.

--Source: BBC News

As we can see and as we all know, diamonds are so valuable and are worth a million dollars, even if they are not real diamonds. Imagine how much it would cost if the "Blue Diamond" is a real diamond rather than made of steel and chromium. Zillions! Not only are they girls' bestfriend, as the cliche goes, but also rich men's buddies and collectors' prized art pieces. Not only do diamond miners or companies make money out of diamonds but also artists like Jeff Koons. And as for most of us wanting our own blue diamonds, or even just a hint of blue in your jewelry like sapphire accents to your diamond ring, browse through our site and choose from various styles. We can also get them blue diamonds if you like, not as big as the gigantic "Blue Diamond" though. :)

As for the updates on the auction for the "Blue Diamond", we will surely keep you posted.

--My Life Is Beautiful

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