Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pursuit Of Happiness

Today I delivered a diamond ring to my FedEx representative, and his face lit up with happiness when he received it.

Since this rep works in the Jewelry District, he knows literally thousands of gem and jewelry wholesalers & retailers – yet he entrusts his business to us at JewelryDays.com.

The same is true with my bank manager, his staff, my insurance broker, our shipping agent, friend's brother and my brother’s friends…all of these people know thousands of retail & wholesale jewelers professionally and personally, but they make their purchases from JewelryDays.com.

It’s a great compliment when people who sell us services turn around and buy their jewelry from us. It means they trust us, appreciate our quality, and enjoy the experience of shopping at JewelryDays.com – I can see it from their delighted expressions – and there is frankly nothing that gives more pleasure to me.

Maybe you don’t live or work in one of the largest Wholesale Jewelry Centers on earth – but you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are still buying from the source preferred by many of those professionals who do.

We commit to earning your trust consistently and to bringing you real happiness through the jewelry you acquire at JewelryDays.com.


Axay Shah
--My Life Is Beautiful

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